Royal Talens

Talens Extra Fine Gouache Bordeaux 20 ml

SKU: G375


How To Use This Paint

Extra Fine Gouache is a high-pigmented opaque water colour. This paint dries quickly and adheres to any non-greasy and somewhat porous ground. After drying the paint layer has a matt appearance with very intense colours. Gouache Extra Fine is used by artists, designers and illustrators, it is also very suitable for educational purposes. The assortment consists of 65 colours, including reflex (fluorescent) colours, metallic colours and also a number of special colours for making illustrations and designs and for practising the colour theory. The paint doesn't contain pigments based on heavy metals.

How This Paint Is Made

Talens Extra Fine Gouache is one of the few gouache paints made in the traditional way with Dextrin, or potato starch as the binder. This ingredient as a binder allows for the paint to take on several unique characteristics. Dextrin is by its nature, thixotropic, meaning that it is self-leveling when agitated. This provides for excellent coverage and a smooth, matte film surface. Because dextrin is not sticky, like gum arabic, it glides smoothly off the brush without drag. Because dextrin is opaque, there is not the need for additional opaque fillers, therefore more room for pigment in the formula, resulting in cleaner and stronger color mixes.

Sustainable Manufacturing Processes

Talens Extra Fine Gouache paint are manufactured in the Netherlands by Royal Talens. Royal Talens practices progressive social and environmental practices. Sustainability initiatives include reducing electricity by 2% per year, decreasing transportation mileage by sourcing and manufacturing locally, programs to minimize fuel consumption, use of solar energy (780 panels), using FSC certified paper and wood and reusing transport packaging. Suppliers are assessed based on their performanceξin child labour, working conditions, compliance with laws and regulations, sustainability and corruption.


Lightfast at least 10-25 years under museum conditions.

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