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SMLT Spiral Drawing Pad-210 mm X 297 mm (8 1/4" X 11 3/4") - pencils, pens, charcoal

SKU: SMLTA4draw1


How to Use This Paper

With white paper. The surface erases cleanly and is suited for all kinds of drawing, but best for pencils, pens, chalks, charcoal. With natural colored cardboard cover, hard back, microperforated sheets and spiral on top. Inside paper is Acid free, Ph natural.  

How This Paper is Made

Made in the EU from the most suitable raw materials from around the world.  FSC and EU Ecolabel certified.

120 GSM

Ethical Practices

SMLT is a socially responsible company, based in Lithuania and has been making papers since 1994.  The company has a participatory management style which includes all employees in business planning.  50% of the company's employees are disabled, reflecting the inclusive culture.

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