Royal Talens

Rembrandt Extra Fine Soft Pastels - Set of 30 Half Length


How to Use These Pastels

These half sticks have excellent softness for beautiful colour release and toning. 

How These Pastels are Made

Manufactured with only the purest pigments and finest quality kaolin clay. 

Free of heavy metal-based pigments.

Good to highest degree of lightfastness

Made in the Netherlands.

Sustainable Manufacturing Processes

Rembrandt Extra Fine Soft Pastels are manufactured in the Netherlands by Royal Talens.  Royal Talens practices progressive social and environmental practices.  Sustainability initiatives include reducing electricity by 2% per year, decreasing transportation mileage by sourcing and manufacturing locally, programs to minimize fuel consumption, use of solar energy (780 panels), using FSC certified paper and wood and reusing transport packaging.  Suppliers are assessed based on their performance in child labour, working conditions, compliance with laws and regulations, sustainability and corruption.

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