Natural Earth Paint

Natural Earth - Violet Ochre Pigment



How to Use This Pigment to Create Oil Paint

1. Scoop a pile of pigment onto a glass palette.

2. Create a small hole at the top of the pile, like a volcano.

3. Add about 30% by volume of walnut or linseed oil.  All natural pigments absorb liquid differently and in different amounts. Just add drops of oil and mix until a thick paste forms - you don't want it too thin!

4. Mix with palette knife or glass muller.

5. Thin paints and clean brushes with Eco-Solve, a 100% soybean based solvent.

6. Optional -  Varnish final painting with Natural Varnish.

PR102, Excellent Lightfastness

85 gm

How This Pigment Is Made

This natural iron oxide pigment originates from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  

Sustainable Manufacturing

This pigment is made by Natural Earth Paints, an eco-friendly company who have recieved the Gold certification from Green America.   They use locally made,100% post consumer recycled packaging, biodegradable plastic bags and recyclable glass bottles. They operate out of a 100% solar powered facility and give back to their community through donations and environmental campaigns such as tree planting.

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