This kit provides everything you need to mix a 5-gallon instant natural indigo vat. Just add hot water to the dry ingredients, and you will have your own natural fructose indigo vat.

This kit contains:
- All natural indigo vat ingredients in a glass jar. Just add hot water and you will have a natural vat! (The dry ingredients are 50 grams natural indigo pigment, 100 grams lime, 150 grams fructose.)
- A step-by-step guide outlining mixing your vat, best dyeing practices, and how to wash your dyed fabric. For a limited time, you will also get a BONUS indigo vat troubleshooting guide. Both printed on a risograph by small press A Magic Mountain.
- Various wooden shapes to create shibori patterns.
- Two 22x22 inch cotton bandanas.

This kit includes all of the ingredients for an at-home natural indigo vat and makes for a perfect gift or fun activity to do with friends! Think of it like modern tie-dye.

Here is what is not included in the kit and you can acquire at any hardware store:
- 5-gallon bucket with lid
- Gloves (I like to use reusable dishwashing gloves because they last a long time, but disposable latex gloves also work. You can also dye without gloves on if you don't mind blue hands!)
- A stirring stick that is about 3 feet long. Could use wooden dowels from the hardware store, but you could also a thick tree branch or very long spoon.

No outdoor space? You can definitely dye indoors. You will want to put down an old sheet or drop cloth to prevent any drips from getting on the floor. I would also recommend setting up a second 5-gallon bucket right next to the indigo vat to drip into.

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