Faber-Castell Erasable Crayons - 12

SKU: G122540


How To Use These Crayons

The erasable companion for preschool and school.

Erasable from most types of paper and suitable for right and left-handers

Hands stay clean

For ages 3 and up.

How These Crayons are Made

These smooth texture crayons are made with more color pigment and less wax resulting in brilliant colors.

Ergonomic, triangular-shaped crayons are break-proof and erasable. Each crayon measures ⅜″ in diameter.


Sustainable Manufacturing

Faber-Castell is a certified carbon neutral company.  The company's eco forests in Brazil and Columbia actively contribute to protecting the environment.  Faber-Castell minimises it's environmental footprint throughout the entire life cycle of its product range.  Faber -Castell products are also green beause they are long-lasting, often refillable as well as pollutant-free.  The use of bio and recycled plastics also improves the green footprint of Faber Castell.

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