Royal Talens

Cobra Painting Paste 60 ml Tube



Cobra Painting Paste is a colourless medium that can be mixed with water mixable oil paint in any ratio to extend the tube color. It is thick and is ideal for increasing the amount of paint when large amounts of paint are desired such as impasto techniques. The more paste added the more the transparent the paint will become and the more the color intensity will decrease. This may be particularly important with the alla prima (wet-on-wet) technique when mixing colors with a highly divergent colour intensity with one another in the painting. By adding more painting paste to a stronger colour this will become less prominent.

Cobra Painting Paste is manufactured in the Netherlands by Royal Talens.  Royal Talens practices progressive social and environmental practices.  Sustainability initiatives include reducing electricity by 2% per year, decreasing transportation mileage by sourcing and manufacturing locally, programs to minimize fuel consumption, use of solar energy (780 panels), using FSC certified paper and wood and reusing transport packaging.  Suppliers are assessed based on their performance in child labour, working conditions, compliance with laws and regulations, sustainability and corruption.


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