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Casaneo Round Watercolour Travel Brushes

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 How to Use These Brushes

These Casaneo round travel brushes are perfect for plein air painting.

The Casaneo brushes are made from synthetic Kolinsky squirrel fibres and allow equally smooth and elastic brush strokes as well as a precise painting technique.  Ideal for water colour and fluid acrylic painting.  Very similar in characteristics to natural squirrel hair. High colour absorbing capacity and perfect colour dosing.  Long lasting and no hair loss.

Sizes 2, 6, 8, 10

How These Brushes Are Made

Made from extra soft synthetic fibres with an extraordinary elasticity and an extremely high colour absorbing capacity. 

The two parts of artifical horn are screwed together and build an endurable unit. 

Each beautiful water colour brush is carefully shaped by hand into a perfect brush body and a very fine tip.

These fibre bristle brushes are handmade and subject to rigorous quality control.

Made in Germany

Sustainable Manufacturing

The company fosters responsible use of energy by subsidizing public transit costs for employees, sharing energy cost savings with employees and participating in the City of Nuremburg community energy program.

Only energy efficient vehicles, compliant with European regulations, are utilized.

Brush handles are made from wood from sustainable European forestry

Handles are laquered with a tumble-finishing technique that uses 10% of the amount of varnish material that standard laquering processes use. 

Recycled materials used in packaging.


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