Arches 640 gsm 300 lb White Watercolour Block

SKU: A912


How to Use This Paper

This convenient block is glued on all four sides, keeping your surface taut and allowing you to create artwork instantly. Once it's dry, simply remove with a dull knife or the end of your paintbrush. Cold press is highly absorbent, with a slight texture that showcases details well and can accommodate large areas of wash.

Cold pressed

Acid Free

640 GSM - 300 lb

10 sheets per block - 23 cm x 31cm (9" x 12")

How This Paper is Made

Arches papers were originally manufactured in the Vosges in 1492 and continue to be made there to this day.

Made on a cylinder mould (traditional process): quality close to that of paper made by craft methods. The slow turning of the cylinder enables the fibres to be deposited evenly and spread in all directions over the wire. The fibres are distributed evenly, the paper slackens uniformly when wet, giving the artist more control. This process can produce papers with a high grammage and exceptional resistance to scratching and erasing, when they are gelatin sized to the core. Only papermaking on a cylinder mould can produce paper with deckle edges.

Sized with natural gelatin.

Sustainable Manufacturing

This production “Made in France” is an integral part of the Arches mill’s societal concerns, as it aims to boost local employment and contribute to the transmission of know-how and skills specific to the papermaking industry. This is also one of the factors that helped it to win the prestigious EPV label (Living Heritage Company).

Certified in ISO 14001, Environmental impact management and ISO 50001, energy management.

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