Royal Talens

Amsterdam Heavy Gel Matt Acrylic Medium 250 ml

SKU: AAM-020


How to Use This Medium

Increases the transparency and gloss of your paint, while retaining the viscosity. Providing more texture and dimension to your work.

  • Milky white product, dries to a colourless and transparent finish
  • Makes acrylic colours thicker
  • Increases the brush strock
  • Enables the application in one stroke of extremely thick layers of acrylic colour
  • Suitable for gluing all kinds of materials
  • Apply at temperatures above 10 degrees celsius
  • Do not freeze

How This Medium is Made

  • Made with acrylic resin dispersion, thickening compounds and matting agent (silica)

Sustainable Manufacturing Processes

Amsterdam gel mediums are manufactured in the Netherlands by Royal Talens.  Royal Talens practices progressive social and environmental practices.  Sustainability initiatives include reducing electricity by 2% per year, decreasing transportation mileage by sourcing and manufacturing locally, programs to minimize fuel consumption, use of solar energy (780 panels), using FSC certified paper and wood and reusing transport packaging.  Suppliers are assessed based on their performance in child labour, working conditions, compliance with laws and regulations, sustainability and corruption.

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