Faber-Castell Kids Grip Felt Tip Pens - 10 & 20

SKU: G155310


How To Use These Felt Tipped Pens

Ergonmic shape and raised dot surface ensures a secure grip. The fibre tip pens last a long time and have a strong tip that retains its shape. The colours are very bright.

Washes out of most fabrics.

Suitable for left and right hand users.

For school aged children.

 How These Felt Tip Pens are Made

Ink based on food dyes.

Patented grip zone.

Strong tip withstands up to  3 kg of pressure

    Sustainable Manufacturing

    Faber-Castell is a certified carbon neutral company.  The company's eco forests in Brazil and Columbia actively contribute to protecting the environment.  Faber-Castell minimises it's environmental footprint throughout the entire life cycle of its product range.  Faber -Castell products are also green beause they are long-lasting, often refillable as well as pollutant-free.  The use of bio and recycled plastics also improves the green footprint of Faber Castell.


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