Wooden palette



How to Use This Palette

Use for acrylic and oil mixing.

Easy to clean, and won't absorb oils colours.

How This Palette is Made

Constructed of 3 mm thick wood fiber.  Warp resistant.

35cm X 45cm (14" X 18")

Made in Italy.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Beachwood used in MABEF manufacturing is from certified geographical areas under control of local regulations and guaranteed by forestry commission (FSC® certification on December 22nd, 2004 - ICILA-COC-000083) and is 100% recyclable and ecological.

During manufacturing, all the wooden scraps, shavings and saw dust are collected, broken up and through a very elaborate process, transformed in “pellets”, an ecological fuel, for heating all the factories and offices, which, while burning, releases carbon dioxide in quantities equal to those previously absorbed by the living plant.

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