Where to Find Inspiration

Inspiration – an essential ingredient in any art project – is not always easy to come by. Even with a full stock of paints, brushes and tools, you still might need a creative boost to unlock your artistic vision.

Through the pandemic, inspiration levels have been up and down. Some creatives, like Taylor Swift, have been releasing art at full speed, with two pandemic albums to date. Others have reported feeling zapped and exhausted, otherwise known as pandemic fatigue.

But whatever your current inspiration levels, here you’ll find four helpful approaches to lighting that creative spark.


A Musical Muse

Music as a source of inspiration

There is a distinct link between music and painting, with music choice influencing both colour and mark-making. This article breaks down how different forms of music – from light to fast to sad – impact painting styles, and how music is tightly linked to artistic interpretation.

The World-Wide Web
The internet is a playground for the creative professional, full of sights and sounds to peak artistic curiosity. This blog boils it down for you, combining 50 of the best websites for spurring creative inspiration. 


Your Own Dreams

Painting your dreams
Dreams are whimsical and abstract, full of images, sounds and stories waiting to be channeled into artistry. Just ask artist Lucy Chen, who turned a recurring dream about a Koi fish into a beautiful painting, titled Dreaming of Koi.


The Greats
From modern masters like Frida Kahlo and Mark Rothko, to classics like Vincent Van Gogh and Leonardo Da Vincci, the great artists from history will tug on your creative strings. Thankfully, they’re all one click away.

Now that you’ve got a fresh supply of inspiration on-hand, it’s time to enter phase 2: creating. And as you take the leap with your next project, we want to hear how it went!

Which of the four inspiration strategies – music, the web, your dreams or the greats – works best to get your creative juices flowing? Post a photo of your creation and tag us at @monetsartsupplies to let us know and inspire a fellow artist.