A Canadian Success Story

Tri-Art Manufacturing is one of the first suppliers Monet’s Art Supplies engaged to help us develop an online store, curating products from ethical and sustainable companies.  Tri-Art is a family run, proudly Canadian company who consider both their employees and the environment as key stakeholders in operating their business.

In 1994, as part of an art supply business, Tri-Art began manufacturing a single line of paint in a tiny space in Kingston, Ontario.  Today, they have 20 lines of paint servicing both professional and beginner painters in North America and around the world.  Their staff, who have grown to 60 strong, are recognized as key contributors to the success of Tri-Art.  Recognizing the importance of fair labour practices, Tri-Art is a certified living wage employer (www.ontariolivingwage.ca) which means that as a minimum, they pay their employees wages that allow them to cover their basic expenses and participate in their community.   

Tri-Art’s original goal was to produce the best product possible for artists.  Making quality products for every level of expression has remained their objective today.  Along the way, they have developed and produced several earth friendly, innovative products

  • A super product called Gesso Sludge, a product made from the waste produced by their acrylic paint manufacturing process https://monetsartsupplies.com/products/gesso-sludge
  • Professional grade mediums made with reharvested walnut, copper cinder, plastic and glass particles.


  • Hemp blend canvas, an ecological alternative to cotton

    Tri-Art also produces their own packaging, with up to 30% of reground plastic and sources inputs as close as possible to their operation.

    Tri-Art has shown how small incremental changes and initiatives can have a positive environment on both the workplace and the environment.