June 14, 2021


All of life is an opportunity for self-expression.  Whether making films, beautiful paintings or founding an art school, artistic expression is a key element in the life of artist Sylvie Peltier.  A customer of Monet’s Art Supplies, Sylvie has been creating art her whole life but in recent years has focused on painting.  Perspectives gained through working in several mediums give Sylvie’s paintings a unique style.  Like Picasso, who viewed the creation of art as a way to “wash away from the soul the dust of everyday life”, Sylvie has the ability to lose herself in her art.   The result is amazing paintings like the one above and below.


Sylvie Peltier is a White Rock local artist who for many years channeled her artistic ability into the creation and development of a successful documentary film making company, Red Letter Films.   She has no formal artistic training and began painting as a way to find a connection with her mother who had been a painter her whole life.  That connection led Sylvie to “fall in love with painting head over heels” and created a serious focus for painting in her life. 

“Painting provides the wonderful challenge of creating something new and beautiful that is larger than me and my daily preoccupations.”

 Sylvie works with acrylics as they allow her to build layers, dry quickly and cover up mistakes.  Her love of colour is clear in her paintings which use colour to spectacular effect.  Her style is abstract realism and she enjoys painting abstract landscapes and florals.  Sylvie sums up her style “I love colourful work that is not realistic, but where we still have a good sense of what we are looking at!”  Even her signature is creative!  Sylvie’s paintings are signed “Esspé” the French phonetic expression of her initials.

 “Through my work, I am able to add beauty to the world first, and then to the lives of those who experience my work.  That really inspires me to create.”

Her work has been showcased by Le Centre Culterel Francophone Vancouver and continues to evolve.  She is also an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. Currently, Sylvie is focused on the artistic possibilities offered by water lilies and their interaction with water. 



 Sylvie’s latest venture combines her skill and artistic ability in both film making and painting. 

Arts of Course produces online art courses with professional instructors.  Her vision is to create a community of artists and provide them with the skills and confidence they need in any medium.


Sylvie’s favourite artists are:

  • David Hockney
  • Jean-Paul Lemieux
  • Wayne Thibaud
  • Wolf Kahn
  • David T. Alexander
  • Tom Thomson & The Group of Seven

 Favourite paintings

  • “Ski Jacket” and “The Architect’s Home in the Ravine” by Peter Doig
  • Almost every single one of David Hockney’s pool paintings
  • “Fierce Poise” by Helen Frankenthaler
  • “1910 Remembered” by Jean-Paul Lemieux
  • “Interior with Doorway” by Richard Diebenkorn


 Monet Art Supplies searches for ethical, sustainable, environmentally friendly supplies for us and is always on the lookout for new planet friendly products. It helps me make more conscious purchasing decisions. I also like that it is a woman-owned, competitive Canadian company.