Finding time in a busy life to pursue your passion is never easy.  With a fulltime career and a young family to raise, Leanne Schultz has found a way to incorporate painting into her life.  An avid hiker, she has been inspired by the natural beauty of mountains and wilderness to create impressive landscape paintings which evoke the wild beauty of British Columbia and Alberta.

 “There is something about the views that just resonate with me and I feel that sense of peace and belonging when I paint them.”


Leanne Shultz is an artist from Spruce Grove, Alberta who specializes in dramatic landscapes.  Her love of art and path to painting started as an accomplished drawing and sketch artist.  As she developed her painting skills, she felt freedom for full artistic expression

Drawing opened the door for my love of art but I always felt the need to be so precise and that didn’t always suit my mood. Painting felt like freedom in comparison.”

 Leanne’s professional and educational life in painting began in high school with the influence of incredible art teachers who recognized and cultivated her talent.  Exploration was encouraged and allowed her to try many mediums.  As a sketch artist, she took formal classes in perspective drawing to assist in getting into an Interior Design program, a program which also honed her skills in drawing, painting, colour, light and composition.  She continues to develop her skills through books and tutorials on a regular basis. 

Leanne has dedicated regular time to painting since 2018.  Prior to that, she had envisioned having to wait until retirement to dedicate regular time to painting, believing kids and a career made it impossible to include an artistic practice with all the other demands on her time.  A serious illness led her to consider what was really important in life and where she wanted to spend her time.  As she recovered, she started painting more regularly, trying different subjects and mediums.

“To paint is to make space in my life for something that fulfills my need to create.”

Leann uses acrylics, posca pens, modeling paste, a palette knife and a variety of round and flat brushes.  For smaller works, she has started experimenting with catalyst wedges and gel plates.                  

 Leanne’s favourite artists are :

  • Monet
  • David Langevin
  • Rachel Christopolous
  • Lousie Fletcher

 Favourite paintings include:

  • Claude Monet’s Poplars Series
  • Rachel Christopolous’s Elements collection
  • All works by David Langevin


 Leanne has been a great customer of Monet’s Art Supplies since October, 2021.   She enjoys the selection, quality, artists tips and selection of kids art supplies.

 Leanne chooses Monet’s because:

 “Monet’s Art Supplies is Canadian!  They have an incredible selection of paints, brushes and palette knives, including a few that I would love to add to my collection that are hard to find anywhere else. Monet’s Art Supplies has great tips for beginners and even a kid’s section for young aspiring artists!”

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By Kristin MacMillan

November 27, 2021