Successful Entrepreneur Turned Artist: Ellen Flanders

The passion for art does not start at a specific date. The actions we take are what builds the inspiration for the canvases we paint. Monet’s Art Supplies customer, Ellen Flanders, exemplifies this in her life. Her newfound passion for abstract impressionism and pointillism has led to her creating multiple beautiful pieces of art. “Poppies” the art shown above, is an example of her newly refined art style.

Successful Entrepreneur Turned Artist

It is a good thing Ellen Flanders picked up a paint brush five years ago. Despite working as an entrepreneur her whole life, she had a hidden potential as an artist. The successful entrepreneur, now retired, wanted to find a new hobby. At first painting was just something to try, and quickly she developed a fondness for the craft. She started doing classes once per week for the first four years, and a previously untapped talent started to be developed.

Finding New Talent from Old Skills

Once lockdown began in 2020, Ellen Flanders started to paint everyday. She went from lessons to experimenting with colours, textures, and a countless number of brushes.

After working on a few pieces of art and showing them to her friends, it became clear Ellen has a talent for using colour. Being an entrepreneur and looking at logos for 36 years, she had developed a good eye for it.

“I absolutely love colour and have a good eye for it after 36 years of looking at logos!”

“I am a happy painter… I have been told that I paint happy paintings, bright and colourful.”

“I have loved painting landscapes of places I know or have visited,” Ellen says. “I paint from photographs, images I see online, and friends’ photos.”

Included among Ellen’s inspirations for art are other artists. Specifically, she has been inspired by the landscapes painted by Van Gogh and the plentiful Paris night scenes painted by Leonid Afremov.

A Trusted Customer of Monet’s Art Supplies

Ellen Flanders, our featured artist, is one of our customers. Ellen is an oil painter and has used Cobra water-based oil paints, eliminating the need for solvents in cleanup.

When asked why Ellen Flanders continues to buy from Monet’s Art Supplies, she stated that it was “the quality and the service.” Monet’s Art Supplies supports artists like Ellen Flanders looking for quality art supplies at competitive prices.