Athlete & Pilates Instructor Michelle Barker

Living in nature provides inspiration for creativity and space to find an artistic voice. Monet’s Art Supplies customer, Michelle Barker experienced this when she moved to Bowen Island in 2010.  She had always had a creative streak but never really tapped into it until her move to Bowen gave her the perfect environment to start creating beautiful multimedia pieces of art. Her passion for abstract impressionism has led to her creating multiple beautiful pieces of art. "Hope in the Shadows" the art shown above, is an example of her newly refined art style.

Successful Personal Trainer Turned Artist

The move to Bowen was key to tapping into Michelle's artistic talent 11 years ago. A busy pilates personal trainer and business owner, her creativity had taken a back seat to her business and the needs of a growing family.  Now semi-retired and living back in Vancouver, Michelle devotes time every day to developing her craft with spectacular results.

Finding Inspiration From Her City


Michelle draws inspiration from her own life and experiences but is also fascinated by the street art she sees in her native Vancouver and in major cities around the world such as London's Brick Lane.  Her favourite street art scene is the downtown east side of Vancouver, a place known for gritty realities and street art that reflects that.

“I love brick walls and graffiti.  I like walking the streets on the east side looking for inspiration/street life that inspires me.”

Michelle uses acrylic, pumice, spray paint and any tools that help her create her brick wall and collage pieces.

Included among Michelle's inspirations for art are other artists. Specifically, she has been inspired by the abstract expressionism of CY Twombly, Claire Desjardins & Manuela Karin Knaut.

A Trusted Customer of Monet’s Art Supplies

Michelle Barker, our featured artist, is one of our customers. Michelle is a multimedia artist and has used Tri-Art acrylics.  Tri-Art is a Canadian manufacturer of art supplies who innovates with earth friendy products and progessive business practices such as commiting to a living wage for employees.

When asked why Michelle continues to buy from Monet’s Art Supplies, she stated that it was the care that Monet's takes in sourcing products as well as the quality and user friendly website.   Monet’s Art Supplies supports artists like Michelle Barker looking for quality art supplies at competitive prices.